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Whether it’s “Whisky” as spelled in Scotland, or “Whiskey” per U.S. and Ireland, they constitute the leading preference for distilled spirits among Thai consumers. This APBA course focuses on Thai preference for Scotch whisky and how it is made, but also presents popular styles of whiskey from around the world. Highlights include tasting of multiple types of whisky as well as ingredients used in popular whiskey cocktails.

  • Requirement: Applicant age must over 20 year old
  • Examination: 40 multiple choices and 10 matching questions
  • Exam duration: 45 minutes
  • Passing Grade: Less 50% certificate of completion, above 50% pass certificate, above 75% certificate with distinction
  • Certification: Certificate of completion by APBA/ pass certificate by APBA (if pass)
  • Included: Course, examination, whisky, coffee breaks and lunch
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APBA recognizes the growing demand in the ASEAN region for highly trained professionals to serve its hospitality industry where the standards are among the highest in the world and where well rounded professionals will assume leadership positions in the industry and in entrepreneurial initiatives for small and medium business ventures.
ASEAN Professional Beverage Academy
Soi Pattanakarn 30, bangkok, suanluang, Thailand 10250
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