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Discover authentic classic Thai cuisine which is famous around the world in a fun, engaging, friendly atmosphere in traditional Lanna environment on this 5 hour. Experience local market tour, browse organic garden to pick some herbs and vegetables and learn how to cook with skilled teachers at your own station. Addition to cooking 6 recipes and 5 dishes including special menu, you will also receive free transportation, Lanna Smile limited souvenir, Lanna homemade snack, recipe book and certificate on your visit. Deepen your knowledge of Thai cuisine and cultural traditions and enjoy personalized attention from your instructors on this small-group limited to 8-10 people.


1. Curry pastes

1.1 Green curry paste (Nam Prik Gaeng Kheao Wan)

1.2 Pa-nang curry paste (Nam Prik Gaeng Pa Nang)

1.3 Massaman curry paste (Nam Prik Gang Massaman)


2. Curries

2.1 Green curry Gaeng Kheao Waan)

2.2 Pa-nang curry (Geang Pa Nang)

2.3 Massaman curry (Gang Massaman)


3. Noodles

3.1 Pad Thai

3.2 Drunken Noodle (Pad Khee Mao)

3.3 Fried thick noodle with soy sauce (Pad See Ew)


4. Soups

4.1 Hot and sour prawn soup (Tom Yum Kung)

4.2 Coconut milk soup with chicken (Tom Kaa Kai)

4.3 Hot and sour soup with roasted chicken (Tom Sab Kai Yang )


5. Desserts

5.1 Sago balls in coconut milk (Sago Bua Loi)

5.2 Sweet sticky rice with mango (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

5.3 Banana in coconut milk (Kluay buad She)


6. Fried Spring rolls


Start with meeting up at hotel lobby (within Chiang Mai Old city). Visit a traditional local market and spend time exploring the fresh ingredients used in class. Settle into the comfort of the Lanna Smile Thai Cooking School and you will get a welcome drink, snack. Enjoy cooking at your own station and taste your own splendid hand-cooked dishes.  A program is provided, and you will have a fun, friendly experience in a traditional Lanna environment. You will be able to cook 6 recipes 5 dishes including a SPECIAL menu!. Your instructors will guide you step-by-step through the cooking process and explain to you about the difference in the Thai herbs and seasonings, and what can be substituted when you cook at home. Create and decorate popular wonderful dishes such as Hot and Sour Prawn Soup, Green Curry, Mango with Sticky Rice, Pad Thai etc. Your host will provide you with a special Lanna Smile souvenir as part of your visit. Depart with a recipe book so that you can recreate the dishes you made to impress your family and friends when you return home. Finish the day with a ride back to your Chiang Mai hotel.
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We are passionate about Thai cuisine who love Thai cuisine as much as you do. With many years of cooking experience we make sure that we coach you personally step-by-step. We will show you the traditional authentic Thai dishes. We cater for beginners and vegetarians! Come join my host experience here. Che
Lanna Smile Thai Cooking
199/43 Moo 2 Chang Puak Mueang Chiang Mai 50300, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300
+66 6-1374-3167
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