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A Fun Muay Thai Class in a Modern Gym near MRT Ladprao

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Dec 31, 2019
THB  550.00


- Muay Thai class for anyone from beginners to advanced participants. You can inform trainer your level before class.
- Learn the foundation of Muay Thai move, and practice to sharpen your skill. (More detail in Course Outline)
- Train with active Muay Thai Boxers as well as experienced instructors
- Modern, spacious and clean training grounds with exclusive Top King Muay Thai equipment.
- Participate with other participants; thus having a chance to meet new friends.
- Featured in the National Sports Authority of Thailand’s 2018-2019 official “Muay Thai Guide” magazine as top 10 of the “50 Best Thailand Muay Thai Gyms”

- Before attendance, you must request the date and MuayThaiOK will send confirmation email.
- Customer must present the email and your passport to the gym for attendance.
- Free cancellation is 48 hours before class time.


- Warm up stretches
- Cardio/agility exercises
- Shadow boxing
- Bag work
- 3-5 rounds of Pad work 1 on 1 with trainer
- Bodyweight workouts
- Cool down stretches


Trainers are authorized by the gym and have certificates.
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Muay Thai is deeply rooted in Thai culture and has a rich history that developed over centuries. Our aim is to share our love and passion for the sport with the world and connect more people with the opportunity to learn this beautiful martial art.  
This unique and innovative platform has been developed over many years working in the industry. We have leveraged our relationships with the most popular and famous gyms and trainers in the country to categorise and present the courses and training camps to an international audience. 

Each course has been thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our high standards and have the facilities to provide you with an exceptional experience. 
Through our site, you can easily search for Muay Thai courses and gyms by location, choose the courses and camps to suit your needs, and make a reservation through our secure payment services. Some of the courses and deals cannot be found anywhere else - they are exclusive only to MuayThaiOK.com.

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