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Muay Thai Training 

We are willing with all levels of customers to train with us and help you to achive your goal. Not only Muay Thai technique that you will get but also the best experiences of training Muay Thai with us. We provide the huge area  that will make you more comfortable for training  and give you a nice and  clean atmosphere.

Our Muay Thai trining class is run twice a day, with all trainers taking the class. You will have time for warming up and stretching, before jumping into technique drills, pad work, bag work, sparring and end with cooling down.

This session consists of the following

  • A 30 minutes warming up/stretching routine
  • 20 minutes of mirrored MuayThai Shadow boxing
  • 15 minutes of Muay Thai technique work with partner 
  • 3 X 3 min rounds of pad work with a trianer
  • 3 X 3 min rounds of working on the heavy bags 
  • 3 X 3 min rounds of sparring/Clinching 
  • 200 alternating front kicks on the heavy bags
  • 200 jump knees on heavy bags
  • 200 sit ups and 200 push ups ( or as many as you can do)
  • colling down
We hope that we can  give you the best experience in training Muay Thai with .
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CMT MuayThai we are provide the professional trainers for every cutomers to achive their goal. We all willing every levels of our customers to trains with us,we want to lead the best experiences to every customers in MuayThai training.
CMT Muay Thai
Phuket, Thailand 83130
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