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Aromdii Thai cooking & Market tour

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In-Person / Short Course
Ended last Dec 31, 2019
THB  800.00


Market tour (approx 15-20 minutes)
- Everyone choose the menus
- Pick up all produces using for each selected
- Show you about Thai veggies, spices and herbs
- Walk around, take photo or buy some spice back home

At cooking school (approx 4.30 hours)
- Class will be started from stir fried
- Soup & Appetizer
- Dessert & Curry (we will make curry paste from scratch)

Here the menu that you can choose!
1. Stir fried
- Pad Thai
- Fried rice
- Pad See Ew
- Fried cashew nut
2. Appetizer
- Papaya Salad
- Fresh spring rolls
- Fried spring rolls
3. Soup
- Hot & Sour Prawns soup
- Coconut chicken
- Tom Yum Chicken
4. Curry + Curry paste
- Khao Soi (Chiangmai noodles)
- Green curry
- Massaman curry
- Red curry with pumpkin
5. Dessert
- Mango sticky rice
- Deep fried banana

Price included;
- Welcome snack & Seasonal fruits
- Bottle water, Tea, coffee and WiFi
- Handmade recipe
- Transportation within 3-5 kms. from city


Total Hours: 5
No. of Participants: 8
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Aromdii Cooking School is a small family cooking school located in Chiangmai, Thailand.
It's running by a young couple name Nok and Aek who come from different parts of Thailand. 
We learn how to cook mainly from our families, most of food we cooked is Northern food and Central food. Since we grow up, we used to be a trainee in Thai cooking school then used to be a cooking teacher for several years as well.

Our school offers you a small class only 8 people per maximum. 
Morning from 9.00 - 1.30 
Evening from 4.00 - 8.30 
All food we cook, we have been creating from many years of our cooking experiences.
Vegan or Vegetarian are very welcome as well.

Come to join us to make an amazing cooking experience together and we will tell more about Thai food and Thai culture too.

Thank you so much,
Nok and Aek
Aromdii Thai cooking school
6/2 Sripingmuang Road soi 1 Kor, Changklan, Chaiangmai, Thailand 50100
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