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FREE Breakthrough Seminar for Personal Development and Prospective Life Coaches

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In-Person / Seminar
Ended last Oct 18, 2014


What has been holding you back from your dream job, great relationships and financial independence? Is it your internal conflict, such as procrastination, fear, indecision, limiting belief and lack of emotional control? How about external problems such as a disagreement with a work colleague, a fight with a loved one, or an event you had no control over?

NLP Top Coach utilise the innovative techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to teach you the psychology of confidence, communication, decision making, rapport and emotional control. This is coupled with specific strategies that empower your decision making to create lasting change in all areas of your life. Come and join for this free introduction and begin the transformation process
to create the life you deserve.


» Dramatically increase motivation
» How to achieve a desired state INSTANTLY
» Feel confident in ANY situation
» How NOT to get shot !! Delivering difficult messages
» Build trust with anyone using verbal & non-verbal communication
» Master your emotions to reduce fear, stress & anxiety
» How to set & achieve inspirational goals


Luke Salway-  Luke is passionate about helping individuals empower themselves to achieve Success & Happiness. Utilising the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Luke believes that everyone has the resources they need to create success in the areas of Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships.

He is a qualified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Life Coach, and together with NLP Top Coach, have helped 100s of individuals realise their goals, and break-through limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to embrace lasting  Happiness.

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No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 4
No. of Participants: 40
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NLP TOP COACH is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivational Coaches, Trainers & Business strategists. From experiences covering 5 continents, our breadth of knowledge and expertise will ensure you receive the best advice, consultancy and solutions for yourself and your corporation. We are passionate about helping you ‘Unleash your Power for Success and Happiness.

We are experts in Leadership, Sales, Soft Skills, Communication and training in Thailand. We utilise the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Coaching, to re-program thinking and behaviors for individuals and companies.
This transformation happens at the unconscious level of thinking, meaning that the new learnings are long-term, resulting in a very measurable ROI. We have worked with companies such as PTT, Chevron, Wall Street English, DSV, Thaicom, AIS, Nok Air, World Bank, UN, and many others. Our training is available in public format, or as a customised in-house training. We are also expert in Executive Coaching, and Group Coaching, helping Executives at the strategic, mission & vision levels of the organisation, & helping groups overcome challenges to achieve their KPI’s. ...
NLP Top Coach
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