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Training: Masterclass Advisory Selling (Consultative Selling) and 8 different selling techniques.

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On-Site / Event
Ended last Apr 19, 2019
THB  6,800.00


Everyone knows that it is wise to bet on several horses and spread the opportunities.
This event/ training is aimed at learning, switching and combining 8 different sales techniques, each of which has proven their effectiveness in practice in consultative selling in all commercial professions such as account management, sales, telephone sales and acquisition and store sales.

You will learn in one day these 8 sales techniques through theory, exercises and real practical examples. If desired by the students, we also apply role play during the training. The result of this training is an extensive super skillset with which you can noticeably increase commercial performance by making more qualitative, effective and easier appointments and selling. Because these sales techniques give you a lot of insight, it also leads to a working method that is very pleasant for all parties. 

This training is truly unique and the learned techniques are directly applicable during your work. 

This training is for starters and experienced people as the level is adjusted per participant and there is of course the possibility to ask questions from your practical situations. 
The training is given in English. 

Course Outline

The 10 basic principles of selling
The 6 guiding principles of sales
The 5 steps of Advisory Selling
The 8 different Selling Techniques:

  1. ORDER
    In this sales technique you learn practice-oriented with structure advisory sales (consultative selling). You will also learn how to find out in a quick and easy way when you are not or when you are about to close an ORDER. 
  2. GROW
    In this sales technique you learn how to create a number of atmospheres in order to motivate your prospect or customer to make a choice for your products or services. 
    In this sales technique you learn in practice to build a great relationship and gain confidence. You also learn to open other doors that were previously closed. 
  4. SPIN
    In this sales technique you learn with structure and control in 4 steps to give your customer more insight and clarity that it is more profitable to purchase your products and services. You also learn the way to make it easier, clearer and better agreements for you and your client or prospect.
    People buy from people. In this sales technique you learn 10 scientific matters. Here you make use of great and interesting scientific subjects that emerged from proven research. You learn to sell technically and calculated. \
  6. SALESCYCLE (Sales Process)
    In this sales technique you learn to structure and control all steps of the sales process under control.
  7. BTW (By TheWay)
    In this sales technique you learn how to use every second of every sales conversation.
    In this sales technique you will learn a number of Closing Skills to conclude your deal, order, quotation or order (closen) in an advisory, scientific, controlled, structured, fun, profitable and perfect way.

In this training extra attention is given to many practical examples to apply the learned 8 sales techniques to many commercial tasks such as telephone sales and acquisition, the preparation of perfect quotes, e-mails and much more.
As a bonus, students also learn a number of tips to work effectively with a crm system.

After the training:

  • 2 years of access to the online community of vendors taking part, for feedback, tips and asking questions.
  • 25% discount on Microsoft Office E-e-learning courses for 2 years.

What is included:

  1. Telephone intake
  2. GHV Notepads and pens
  3. Free use of WiFi
  4. Fresh hot drinks, soft drinks and treats
  5. Water in the training room
  6. Certificate of participation

Quality Mark
Graham Hulsebos Sales Training - Sales scored a 9.0 in 2018!
With this, Graham Hulsebos Sales Training - Sales receives the training quality mark from booking platform Edubookers.

The research by Edubookers shows that 100% of the students recommend Graham Hulsebos Sales Training - Sales and that the price / quality ratio is assessed with a 9.1!

Who is Graham Hulsebos?
Graham Hulsebos is a real sales trainer, sales expert and great motivator pur sang.
(Consultive) selling is in his blood; sharing that know-how is what drives him.

Graham has a background in retail and automation. Within different national and international companies in these sectors, Graham has developed a unique way of selling by combining various proven sales techniques including SPIN Sales Training, Upgrade Pipeline Management, Money Maker 2 Program, Sales Professonal Assesment, Knowledge Management, Real Problems, Real Solutions, Blackbook Training, Salescycle, Sales Management Training etc. and is also a CRM Specialist.

This way of selling and the great results achieved are the basis of his more than 29-year commercial / sales career. Commercial, communicative and always in tune with the latest developments. Not only in terms of sales and marketing, but also when it comes to modern learning methods and the latest developments in the field of (online) sales.

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Graham Hulsebos is trainer en motivator pur sang. Sales zit hem in het bloed; het delen van die know-how is wat hem drijft.

Graham heeft een achtergrond in detailhandel en automatisering, wat hem een geweldige basis heeft gegeven voor zijn ruim 20-jarige salescarrière. Commercieel, communicatief, en altijd in tune met de nieuwste ontwikkelingen – niet alleen op gebied van sales en marketing, maar ook wanneer het aankomt op moderne leermethoden.

Na veel succes geboekt te hebben in rollen als accountmanager, salesmanager en marketingmanager, richtte Graham in 2010 het bedrijf OEM Office Elearning Menu op. Dit internationale opleidingscentrum biedt cursussen en trainingen voor Microsoft Office-gebruikers – voor zowel bedrijven als particulieren, online of in-company. Het bedrijf groeit hard in binnen- én buitenland en is ondertussen al actief in landen als Duitsland, Spanje, Groot-Brittannië en Oostenrijk.

Collega’s en klanten omschrijven Graham als energiek, gemotiveerd, motiverend, eerlijk, betrouwbaar en rechtdoorzee. Hij werkt oplossingsgericht en dringt door tot op de kern van de behoeften van zijn klanten, en leert jou diezelfde skills toe te passen.
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